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Speaking Engagements

Christmas Star
Regifting Jesus

giving away the One gift that matters, time and again.

Fashion in Pink
In His Image

what it means to care for our body as His temple.

Orange Blossom

navigating through the seasons of life in a way that matters.

Team Talk

you matter, your experience matters... share it.

Regifting Jesus 

An excellent Christmas time talk. We will unpack what it looks like to

share Jesus throughout the Christmas season. Unlike a gift we can't wait to regift, He's the gift worth repurposing.

In His image 

A realistic talk on maintaining our body as His temple. We will look at being the best version of ourselves while focusing on the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance we should be keeping up.


Sometimes we get lost in the winter and forget that springtime is right around the corner. Seasons is a great way to explain Ecclesiastes 3, looking at how we can partner with God to be prepared for the next season that is coming our way.  


Let's talk about taking the time to pour into the next generation or partnering with the one just ahead of us and see how we can benefit from one another. Mentoring opens up the doors for relationships that are more fulfilling than we can imagine.



My personal testimony on how my mistake of forgetting who I belong to caused me years of heartache and illness and then ultimately pure

joy in the Lord. (PG 14)

"Tracy's gift for speaking is evident not only in the topics which God lays on her heart but clearly in her delivery. She calls a spade a spade in a humorous yet thought-provoking way that sheds God's truth on this adventure

we call life. Tracy speaks from her own experiences, and the anecdotes she weaves throughout her talks

will leave you in awe of our awesome God. Tracy artfully uses the Word of God to show us how He

delights in us and how we can glorify Him through the triumphs and sorrows of life.

Tracy leaves me crying when she speaks not only in tears of sheer hilarity at times but

in the heartfelt truth from God.

Tracy is truly being used by God to be His voice in life today." 

~Jill H. 

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