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My name is Darleen.


"Tracy is the most positive and encouraging person I know. She will observe and listen intensely

to help you with your concerns, ideas and passions.  God has blessed her with a great

insight of people, no matter how long she has known them.

There will be accountability, guidance and support with creative problem solving.

Tracy recognizes the value of change and will help you reach it, as she has done for me."

My name is Simone.

"Tracy is very good at what she does! She is a great communicator and she listens well.  After our coaching sessions, I felt like I no longer had a problem.

Tracy helped me to make  some very life changing decisions that have changed my life forever. 

This experience happened every time she coached me and I must say, there

has been so much improvement on many levels since I have come in contact with her.

What I love about Tracy is her solid belief in God and how she relies on Him to help in her profession.  She is gentle, kind, understanding and solid.  I would encourage any woman who wants to grow and develop to make an appointment to see her."

My name is Shannon.

"Tracy Gorski is the real deal! There is always a perfect balance of invitation and challenge

when I'm around Tracy. She has never been afraid to challenge me to press into God more,

to see where He is working and join Him. I really can't say enough about Tracy's

willingness to help people see who God has designed them to be." 

My name is Sharon.  


I have known Tracy Gorski for several years now. The first time I saw her she was a speaking at an event. Tracy emphasized how we as women need one another for encouragement and accountability. 

Tracy cares about women - both emotionally and physically.  

Tracy has coached me with some health problems I was having. I am so blessed and

honored to have her in my life. I have never met anyone who is so interested and willing

to bring out the very best in every woman she meets.

Any woman would be so lucky to have her coach them and walk with them."

My name is Paula. 

"I believe the greatest quality of a leader is their ability to serve others. Tracy's desires to do

God's will comes in through the way she pours into people and loves on those around her. Tracy is honest and dependable and she will go the extra mile to help someone in need. What sets Tracy apart

is her unwavering faith in God. Her strength and joyful spirit in good times and in bad have

been an inspiration to me. Tracy has a gift for speaking in a way that is relatable and

motivates people to grow. Her sense of humor and approachable demeanor will make

you feel like old friends after just one meeting."

My name is Heather.

"Tracy walked into my life some years back when our church needed a speaker for a women's event.

Her heart and passion for Jesus was glaringly obvious from the moment I met her. She has now spoken several times at our church. Tracy's gifts are coupled with her incredible heart of joy and love for others. She has become a steadfast friend, mentor, and accountability partner over the years.

There are those friends in life that God plants firmly in a relationship with us, the ones

who are always there for you. Tracy is that person in my life."

My name is Melissa.

"I am utterly speechless as I write this. I am amazed at Tracy's insight and ability to express herself. 

Her candidness and honesty are second to none. We are honored to know Tracy.

Tracy has many wonderful gifts and her tender heart and compassion shine through on many levels.

I am blessed by her laughter, insight, and her determination to follow Jesus wherever He leads her. Tracy looks at life as an adventure and lives on purpose to not miss God, but to embrace His plans. Even though she has had many health trials, her tenacity is still unmatched.

Tracy truly has a servant's heart and wants the best life for all of the women she knows."

My name is Caroline.

"I am blessed to know Tracy. There is never a time when she doesn't take my phone calls or fails to return a text message. From wedding planning to marriage issues, to home life and raising kids.. every challenge I face, she is there to support me. She points me to God every time we talk.

Tracy advises and coaches me instead of telling me what to do or not do. Tracy has the special way

of making me figure things out. Tracy is my first phone call, every time. She constantly reminds

me that we are change agents for our family and that our entire family legacy will be changed

because of our decision to follow Christ."

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