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Frequently Asked Questions:

Just to clarify a few things:

I do not live in Michigan, how can I work with Tracy?

No problem! I work with women via face-time or a simple phone call. Even if you are near me, we can plan to meet in person or online. 

What if I buy a package and realize it is not the right one?

I work with you and your budget to ensure you get the coaching and support you need. No worries!

What does our time together look like?

Before each session, you will complete a form that lets me know what you'd like to unpack and what you'd like to be coached on. 

Once we get on the same page, we'll start dreaming and planning. We will take an honest look at the obstacles you face when considering your goals.

Road blocks happen, so we prepare for them and plan ahead.

Some weeks I may suggest homework or provide you with tools to use.


We establish an individual plan just for you. You tell me how I can best support you and hold you accountable.

If you would like your faith included, then it is. Whether we pray together or not, know this - I am praying over you and our time together.

What happens between our sessions?

Throughout our time together, I will support you in the way that best fits you. I may send you motivating text reminders or suggestions to help you. All of my clients are different, so I customize my support according to your needs.

A year from today... You'll be glad you
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